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Chalker, Jack Bridger

Working Men by Jack Chalker, Kanyu Camp, October 1942  The following explanation appears on page 18 of Burma Railway, Images of War by Jack Chalker, 2007: A pen and wash drawing made in Kanyu River Camp. One of the two drawings of prisoners in the working camps to survive from a collection discovered by a Korean sentry. The remainder were savagely destroyed during an unpleasant situation.Born: 10 October 1918

Rank, regiment: Gnr (Bdr Surveyor), RA

Captured: Singapore February 1942

Camps: Changi, Havelock Road, Kanyu, Chungkai, Tamuan, Nakon Patom

Repatriated: ship to Liverpool December 1945

Civilian occupation: War artist worked with Weary Dunlop and Markowitz recording medical work; author Burma Railway Artist 1994, Burma Railway Images of War 2007

Interviewed: Bleadney, Somerset November 2008


Jack Chalker talking about...

...the privilege of recording the work of POW surgeons in the camps of Thailand.

...uses for bamboo.

...corporate magic, "Citizen's Army".

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