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Captive Memories: Far East POWs & Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Now in 2nd edition

Unspoken: The Forgotten Prisoners of War-  six months in the making, this 50-minute audio documentary produced by the Wellcome Trust's online magazine Mosaic Science, is based on Captive Memories and features several of the Far East POW interviewed for LSTM's Far East POW oral history study.

Launched 8 December 2015, go to:


Meg Parkes & Geoff Gill

Publication date: 28 May 2015

Conditions for Far East Prisoners of War were truly hellish.

Appalling diseases were rife, the stench indescribable. Food and equipment were minimal or non existent. Men died daily, many in agony from which there was no relief. And yet, in the midst of such horrors, the human spirit steadfastly refused to be broken. Captives helped each other, intense bonds were formed, selfless sacrifices made. Tools and medical equipment were fashioned from whatever could be found, anything that could make life more bearable. Resilience, resourcefulness, pride and camaraderie; these were the keys to survival.

Freedom, for those who made it, meant many things: home, family, comfort, of course; but also adjustment, loss of friendships, and a diffi cult road to recovery that for some would be lifelong. Most refused to talk about their experiences, coping alone with the post traumatic stress and chronic health problems. It was these ongoing physical after effects of captivity that brought a group of men into contact with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Beginning in 1946 and lasting right up to the present day, LSTM’s involvement with the health (and latterly the history) of these veterans, represents the longest collaborative partnership ever undertaken by the School. Out of this unique and enduring relationship came knowledge which has improved the diagnosis and treatment of some tropical infections, together with a greater understanding of the long-term psychological effects of Far East captivity.

Using eyewitness accounts and the personal perspectives of this group of now elderly POWs as the backdrop, Captive Memories charts this fascinating history.


a unique perspective drawn together in a way that few studies have achieved before 

Dr Rob Havers, CEO, George C. Marshall Foundation

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Price: £12.99 
Imprint: Palatine Books 
ISBN: 978-1-910837-00-9 
Binding: paperback 
Extent: 272 pages 
Format: 243 x 169mm, with flaps 
Illustrations: c40 
BIC code: HBWQ 
Category: history/war/medicine Audience: general and academic 
Pub date: 28 May 2015 
Author: Meg Parkes & Geoff Gill


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