What people are saying about Captive Memories

The following are taken from the letters, cards and telephone calls received after the FEPOW interviewees had received their own special copy of Captive Memories in early May:

...what a treasure! It is written in a way that ordinary people can understand and accept. True history by those that suffered, told by them, to help future people and medicine... it is the first time for me to hear Cyril respond as he did - thanks a million! What a help if would have been for us wives, but it answers many questions now...
Ellen Jones, Widow of first interviewee, Cyril Jones

I’ve read Captive Memories from cover to cover and what a powerful book it is. It reads so well and includes such a detailed wealth of information. What a contribution it is to the knowledge of the FEPOWs’ experience both during and long after their captivity.
Louise Reynolds, daughter of Army Chaplain, FEPOW and the late Bishop of Thetford, Eric Cordingly (who died in 1976)

Thank you... I hope lots of people will read it and maybe understand a little of what went on during time these men were prisoners of war.
Susan Brown, daughter of former Sgt Bill Brown 9RNF

He would have been so pleased to see your book published and would have said how proud he was of you - so on his behalf, thank you.
Mary McFarlane, former widow of FEPOW Alf Baker

Thank you... it's very good.
Jo de Wardener, widow of medical officer Capt Hugh de Wardener

I couldn't put it down, it's interfered with my working day! Makes me realise how lucky I was.

FEPOW - Dr Bill Frankland, aged 103, RAMC medical officer Singapore and Blakang Mati

The mind boggles! It's wonderful! So many people write books about FEPOW and they get it wrong. Your book is so different.

Fergus Anckorn
, Army, Singapore/Thailand, The Magician

It's breathtaking... wonderful. Now people will know what the doctors and scientists did for us.

Rouse Voisey, RAF, Java/Spice Islands/Sumatra

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