FEPOW Artefacts

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine holds a small collection of artefacts kindly donated over the years by FEPOW. Over the coming months as the website is being built, further details and photographs of these items will be added to this page.

Identity badge

ID Badge

This badge was presented by Frank Scarr to the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine's FEPOW Artefact collection in August 2009.

Frank Scarr, ex-198 Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), was a medical orderly in Roberts Hospital, Changi in Singapore and at Chungkai and Takanun camps in Thailand, 1942-1945. For part of his captivity in Thailand, Frank was assigned to work as a dental assistant to dental officer Capt Eric Smith, RADC, visiting various camps along the river in Thailand.

This wooden badge bears Frank Scarr’s prisoner number (14164) in Arabic numerals and Japanese characters, a red cross denoting medical orderly status and a Roman numeral “II” which indicates he was a member of group II in Thailand.

These details have been carved into the piece of wood, which is approximately 2½ inches long by 2 inches deep, and then painted black and red. There is a piece of thick wire threaded through two holes and folded over at the back to enable the badge to be clipped on to clothing. It had to be worn at all times.

Click here to hear an extract from Frank Scarr's interview given to the LSTM FEPOW Oral History Study.

Other items in the collection include:

• Pair of curved dental forceps (also donated in 2009 by FEPOW Frank Scarr).

These forceps originally belonged to dentist Capt Eric Smith of the Royal Dental Corps in Thailand for whom Scarr worked as an orderly for a while.

• Set of photographic prints of the pen and ink drawings and watercolour paintings created by Private Jack Chalker, Royal Artillery, who is known as the Burma Railway Artist (these prints were donated to LSTM by the artist in the mid-1980s).

Jack Chalker gave an interview as part of the FEPOW Oral History Study (click here for details)

• Original document: Report and Diary and JAG Notes and Statement on attitude of men towards officers at Linson POW Camp (202½ km camp) in Thailand, compiled by Major F J H Nelson RA, Senior British Officer, Linson – donor unknown.

Marked top right hand corner of the cover: SECRET (in red ink) with the words: Copy No. 4 (in blue ink) underneath.

• Pay book belonging to medical orderly Private Gordon Vaughan, 198 Field Ambulance.

The paybook is signed by both Lieutenant Colonel Edward "Weary" Dunlop Australian Army Medical Corps and also Captain Max Pemberton, Royal Army Medical Corps; in both cases they are noting promotions they awarded to Vaughan for his work in both Roberts Hospital at Changi in Singapore in 1942 and also in Chungkai Hospital camp in Thailand.

• “Jap happy” (name given to loincloth worn by FEPOW) donated by FEPOW, and former medical orderly Private George Holland,196 Field Ambulance, when he was a patient under the care of LSTM in the 1980s.


• A set of photographs of sketches by Lieutenant Stanley Gimson RA donated in the 1980s.